Universal Nursing College-Activities


Library and Reading Room

Universal College of Nursing provides a well equipped library for the use of students.It has a comprehenive collection of books,encyclopaedias, dictionaries, books on personality development, general books and newspapers,magazines,periodicals,journals etc. The collection of books in the library meet the needs, the interests of the students anf the staff in a diversified way. It provides resources and servces to stimulate intellectual curiosity and facilitiates learning within the academic community.

Computer Lab
Universl College of Nursing is provided with a well equipped computer lab with individual system, internet connection and efficient faculty.

Fundamental Nursing Lab, Community Health Nursing Lab, Nutrition Laboratory,OBG and MCH Laboratory.

Universl College of Nursing provides you a well furnished lab. Our goal is to take you beyond the sound theoretical knowlwdge and give you hands.

Audio visual Lab

The College possesses a good number of audio-visual aids. A good collection of videos tapes, CD and audio cassettes on different subjects are availablefor the students education. In addition the college students shall also have to the Computer Laband latest softwares.

Courses Offered


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