St. Mary’s School Nuzvid-History


St Mary’s High school is an educational institution situated in Nuzvid. Nuzvid (also called Nujiveedu) a mandal and municipality in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is 50 km from Vijayawada and 35 km from Eluru and 20 km from Vissannapeta. Nuzvid is well known for its mangoes, which are exported worldwide. St. Mary's High School is established by Mr. Benny Mathew in the year 1992 with the aim of providing quality education and forming the individuals towards an integral growth and responsible citizens without any caste or creed discrimination. St. Mary's English medium School, indeed is a realization of Indian CFIC's long cherished desire to start an educational Institution in the land of Andhra Pradesh. With this in mind Congregation took ownership of the school in 2010. The Ultimate goal of the school programme is the integral development of student's personality. We base our education deeply on the Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of all human being.

The House will always Flourish when Humility, Charity and Holy Purity reign in it.

Father Luigi Maria Monti

“Prayer is a weapon to make God’s grace flow freely to us ”

Blessed Luigi Maria Monti