Emmanuel Clinic-History


Indian Province opened a new community in Tamilnadu in the year 2006.The Immanuel Clinic community is situated in the Diocese of Kottar, at Manakudy village in Kanyakumary District. It is established in the aftermath of Tsunami to provide medical assistance to the Tsunami victims in Manakudy village. It is indeed congregation’s immediate response to Charism of our founder in reaching to the victims affected by the deadly natural catastrophe. Later this community is converted to Novitiate House of the Indian Province. The institution was blessed by Rev. Msgr. V. Mariadasan, the diocesan administrator of Kottar and inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Aurelio Mozzetta, the superior general of the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception, on January 19, 2007. The clinic began functioning from February 1, 2007.

The House will always Flourish when Humility, Charity and Holy Purity reign in it.

Father Luigi Maria Monti

“Prayer is a weapon to make God’s grace flow freely to us ”

Blessed Luigi Maria Monti