St. Marys College Panathady-History


St. Mary’s college Cherupanathady is an educational institution managed by the congregation of the Sons of Immaculate Conception. College was established in the year 1998. The institution indeed is a realization of the Congregations aim for assisting the youth in their integral growth. The education mission of the congregation comprises a variety of duties which coverage in the one objective of Charity. St. Mary’s college being a part of its education mission realizes very sincerely its objective of educating the aspiring and ambitious youth particularly from the rural belt keeping in mind their holistic growth and development. The existence of this Institution in this area for over a decadent has contributed commendably in molding and shaping the career of large number of young stars apart from the social education and cultural growth and up-liftment of the region.

The House will always Flourish when Humility, Charity and Holy Purity reign in it.

Father Luigi Maria Monti

“Prayer is a weapon to make God’s grace flow freely to us ”

Blessed Luigi Maria Monti