All great events have humble beginnings, and the story of CFIC in India is no different. It was the result of a providential coincidence between the dreams of Fr. Giovanni Cazzaniga, the Superior General of CFIC in 1973, to establish a presence in India, and the desire of Fr. Mathew Chemmarapally, a diocesan priest, to join a religious congregation.

In September 1969, Fr. Mathew met two CFIC religious, Fr. Peter Broghi and Bro. Romeo Simoni, at Cheruvandor, Kottayam. By the end of the year, he received an invitation from the Superior General and presented it to his Bishop. After a long period of silence, he was granted permission to join the congregation. Consequently, Fr. Mathew departed for Rome in June 1971. A few weeks later, a group of youngsters from different parts of Kerala also arrived in Rome. In September 1971, Fr. Mathew was admitted to the novitiate at La Storta, Rome.

On June 24, 1972, Fr. Mathew, accompanied by Fr. Victoria, visited India and obtained permission from Bishop Cornelious of Vijayapuram Diocese to open the first house, Nirmalagiri, in Peroor. The first house, Nirmalagiri, was blessed on May 25, 1976, by Bishop Cornelious.

After the initial growth, which prioritized vocation and formation, CFIC in India gradually flourished, engaging in a variety of charitable activities that manifest all aspects of the charism of its founder, Blessed Luigi Maria Monti. Currently, the Indian CFIC has eleven communities. Although it originated in Kerala, CFIC expanded its presence and established branches in neighboring states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

On December 25, 2000, CFIC in India became a province, marking a milestone in its journey. In order to embody the spirit and charism of Father Luigi Monti in India, the brothers have chosen almost all sectors of apostolic activities, such as assisting physically and mentally challenged children, educating youth, caring for orphaned and needy boys, and engaging in pastoral ministry.

Religious Communities

Nirmalagiri, Peroor Kerala

Orest Bhavan kottayam, Kerala

Luigi Bhavan, Puthanangadi,Kerala

Maria Bhavan, Cherupanathadi, Kerala

Anandha Bhavan, Vengad, Kerala

Emmanuel Clinic, Manakudy, Tamilnadu

Nirmalaram, Bangalore, Karnataka

Divine Providence Home, Vissannapetta, Andra Pradesh

Amalodbavi College, Janampet, Andra Pradesh

Maria Ashram, Nazvid, Andra Pradesh

Santa Maria Home Pala, Kerala

St Joseph Nivas - Odisha

Monti Home – Angamaly

Blessed Ligi Monti Home – Neericadu


Indian Province

Total No of Brothers

Perpectually Professed


Temporary Professed








Brothers- left or dismissed


Brothers died 


Brothers incardinated 


Brothers in exclaustration

Total number of communities


Formation houses 


Educational institutions


Hospitals or Clinics


Boys Hostel


Old Age Homes




Apostolic Institutions

St.Joseph's English Medium School, Puthanangadi

St.Mary's College, Puthanangadi

St.Marys's Senior Secondary School, Panathadi

St.Mary's College, Panathadi

St.Mary's College, Panathadi

Casa Maria, Peroor

Monti Care Home, Angamaly

Monti Iternational Institute of Management Studies, Puthanangadi

Snehasadan - Home for the less privileged Children, Bangalore

Universal Nursing College, Bangalore

St.Marys's High School, Nuzvid

Luigi Maria Home , Neericadu

St Joseph Boys Hostel, Odisha

Amalodbavi Boys Hostel , Nuzivid Andra Pradesh

The House will always Flourish when Humility, Charity and Holy Purity reign in it.

Father Luigi Maria Monti

“Prayer is a weapon to make God’s grace flow freely to us ”

Blessed Luigi Maria Monti