Casa Maria-History


Casa Maria is a centre for spirituality and culture, opened to all who desire to grow in spirit and culture and to promote these needs of human life in different seasons of life as individual, communities and families. This is a cordial place to welcome people for spiritual and formative experiences, as individuals, groups, religious communities and families for retreats, prayer experience and to spend time in reflection. This institution dedicated to the loving memory of Rev.Fr Mathew Chammarapally of CFIC. This institution was blessed and Inaugurated by His Excellency Rev Dr. Sebastian Thekathecheril, Bishop of Vijayapuram on 27th December 2012.

The House will always Flourish when Humility, Charity and Holy Purity reign in it.

Father Luigi Maria Monti

“Prayer is a weapon to make God’s grace flow freely to us ”

Blessed Luigi Maria Monti