St.Joseph English Medium Nursery-History


In 2014, the congregation has added one more institution to Anandabhavan is called St. Joseph’s English Medium Nursery School, which is affiliated to St. Joseph’s English Medium, school Puthanangadi. There are three teachers and a warden in the school and 75 students of both LKG and UKG sections. These students are being given training in all aspects of their life. However, still it is a journey at its beginnings that surely one day will fulfill the Promise and Will of God and the Immaculate Virgin Mother, our Patroness through intercession of our venerated founder Bl. Luigi Maria Monti.

The House will always Flourish when Humility, Charity and Holy Purity reign in it.

Father Luigi Maria Monti

“Prayer is a weapon to make God’s grace flow freely to us ”

Blessed Luigi Maria Monti