St.Joseph’s Nivas


St Joseph’s Nivas is the new community of CFIC Indian provicnce situated in the state of Odisha, in Rayagada diocese under St Francis xavier Parish Church, Gumuda. The major aim of the new community is to give care and eduaction to the needy children of the villages of this parish as well as the near by parishes. The above said parish itself have thirty four villages under it and there are few more parishes near by which are having above fifty villages under them. The Purpose of our community is to give good education to the children of those villages and uplift them in the society according to the vision of our founder Luigi Maria Monti. At present the community consists of three members (Two Religious Priests and a brother) who will guide the children spiritually, academically, and through various ways to supporth them for their success.The community members frequently visit the villages to find out the needs of the children and helps them for the same.