Santa Maria Ashram


Santa Maria Ashram is the twelfth religious house of CFIC Indian Province. This community is devoted for the Professed brothers of our Province as the study house. It is the fourth community in the district of Kottayam.

Santa Maria Ashram is situated in the Jurisdiction of Palai diocese. It is in a village called kizhaparayar, which is four kilometres from Palai and two kilometres from Bharangangnam. It is under the parish St. Gregorious Church Kizhaparayar. Santa Maria Ashram is the long-cherished dream of our fathers and fruit of a vision to develop vocation promotion web for the congregation in the dense Christian population of Kerala.

On 12th September 2020, Saturday by 5.00 pm, his excellency Mar Joseph Kallarangattu, the Bishop of Palai blessed the Santa Maria Ashram in the dignified presence of Rev. Frs. Jose Mathew Parayil, the provincial Superior, Vargehese Kochuparambil, the vicar Provincial and Shaji Ullatil, the Provincial Treasurer and many other fathers and brothers of CFIC.