St. Joseph’s English Medium school

(Affiliated to CBSC New Delhi)


  • School Infrastructure

        The structure is built with a keen scense of the surroundings and weather patterns to ensure ample ventilation across the campus.Open green spaces,study,areas and  corridors provide excellent ambence for frmal as well as extracurricular learning.This experience is strengthened by a low student-toteacher ratio and spacious  classrooms.All buildings are constructed to be child-friendly,includingproper access for those with special need.

  • Smaller group in each Class.
  • Experienced and committed staff to handle children with care and love.
  • Balanced curriculum to ensure that students acquire knowledge and skills for lifelong learning
  • Emphasis on co-curricular activities,projects,group work,field-trips,etc
  • Students and teachers are encouaged to participate in inter-school,Zonal,State,National and International level competitions


  • Sports and Games

        The State-of-the-art Sports Complex is designed an built to international standards take up the lion's share of the complex.Cricket,Football,Athletics and Karate have been highly cherished.The basketball and volleyball courts have alse been upgrade to international students.Th school proudly treasues the numerous trophied won by these teas  over the years.Summer camps are organized for coaching the students during summer hoildays.


  • Yoga & Meditation

         Meditation in school provides students an opportunity to give contemptation to their concerns and clear their minds of any thought causing tension.The fact that meditation in school is finally showing popularity,is a positiv sign for consideration.

  • Counselling

         School psychologists provide effective services to help children and youth to succeed academically,socially,behaviorally and emtionally through direct educatioal and mental  health services,as well as to work withparents,educational, and other professionals to create a supportive learning environment for all students.

  • Communicative English

          Phonetic Lab special improvement programme designed for enchancing the communication skills of nonEnglish-speaking students.Activity centre with complete educational   facilities including Language lab for English.

  • Smart Class

          Multimedia Computers in each classroom up to Primary and shared facilities for senior students and teachers in thhe three state-of art Computer Labs.

  • CCTV

         CCTV surveilance system in school is a wway of ensuring a safe,secure and healthy learning environment for children.CCTV security systes help in preventing or identifying unathorized intruders who enter the premises, thereby promoting school security.

  • Transport

        The School vehicle wil be playing withina radius of 20kms along prescribed routes in the morning to pickup and in the evening to dropdat children, who choose to use such facilities.Students will picked up at particuar points on the main road only.The fare rate is fixed proportional to the distance of the boarding point from the school.