St. Mary’s School


  • Counselling

         School psychologists provide effective services to help children and youth to succeed academically,socially,behaviorally and emtionally through direct educatioal and mental  health services,as well as to work withparents,educational, and other professionals to create a supportive learning environment for all students.

  • Communicative English

          Phonetic Lab special improvement programme designed for enchancing the communication skills of nonEnglish-speaking students.Activity centre with complete educational   facilities including Language lab for English.

  • Smart Class

          Multimedia Computers in each classroom up to Primary and shared facilities for senior students and teachers in thhe three state-of art Computer Labs.

  • Sports and Games

        The State-of-the-art Sports Complex is designed an built to international standards take up the lion's share of the complex.Cricket,Football,Athletics and Karate have been highly cherished.The basketball and volleyball courts have alse been upgrade to international students.Th school proudly treasues the numerous trophied won by these teas  over the years.Summer camps are organized for coaching the students during summer hoildays.